The Val & Kit Mystery Series

Monday, April 28, 2014

Trading Places

“Val, what’re you doing up so early?”
I jumped at the sound of Kit’s voice and turned in her direction.
She was wearing a black silk robe belted tightly around her slim waist. Resting across her forehead was a red satin night mask embroidered with the words Dreaming of Paris.
“Well, right now I’m reading the latest garbage on Miley Cyrus.”
“You saying she’s garbage, or what they’re writing about her is garbage?” I was glad she didn’t wait for an answer. Instead, as she poured herself a cup of coffee, she said, “Ahh, glad you got this started. I need it faster than usual. I didn’t sleep well last night, thinking of—”
“No. Thinking of you . . .” She removed the mask and tossed it on the counter.
You didn’t sleep well thinking of me? How do you think I slept?”
“Um . . . not at all?”
“You got it.”
She leaned over the counter and patted my hand. Then she heaved a big sigh. “Don’t worry, Valley Girl. I’ll think of something for us to do next.”
In our biggest role reversal ever, I answered her. “I already have.”

from LETHAL PROPERTY, coming in May!

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