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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Eggs: How Roz and Her Houston Family Roll

Before Easter becomes a distant memory, I’d like to share a wonderful tradition I enjoy with my Houston family: The Egg Decorating Contest. Our contestants range in age from two to seventy, and special allowance is given by the Judge, who permits us to decorate our eggs at home and bring them on Easter Sunday fully dressed. 

A word about the Judge (Ken): He remains totally impartial and, like all judges, cannot be bribed or corrupted.  This I know from personal experience.

So, after spending several days deciding what would appeal to him most, I set to work boiling six eggs (in case I made a mistake) and roaming the aisles of Hobby Lobby. And after ungluing my fingers more than once, I was ready to go.

The competition this year was fierce (darn those two grandsons of the Judge, who jump to the top of the Leader Board simply by showing up and telling Grandpa how much they love him).

One special note: There was another entry that cannot be shown here.  BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE (Quatro!).

Grammy Sarah submitted this entry of Cash mutton bustin' (this is Texas, after all).

Future King of England, Baby George.

No explanation needed (unless you don't live in Houston).

Four-year-old Cash's Pirate Ship.

Two out of three eggs enjoy a fun day in Galveston.

Easter Island (someone had to do it).

AND THE WINNER IS….. Jennifer Day, with KISS!!

Some of the fierce competitors: Cash, Kimberly, Bodie and Quatro.

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