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Monday, January 1, 2018

Looking Backward and Forward

Name one of the best things that happened to you in 2017.

Patty: Our family gained another beloved ­member, and another musician, when our oldest grandchild married his college sweetheart.

Roz: Two things. Taking Foreign Relations to market. And the Houston Astros winning the World Series.

What personal event affected you the most in 2017?

Patty: Again, the wedding! Any time my entire family gathers, especially for a joyous occasion, life is extra good!

Roz: Did I mention I live in Houston? So, Hurricane Harvey was overwhelming. But if any good came from it, it’s how it united the city. Everyone helping everyone (and the shot in the arm from our Astros didn’t hurt none either).

What one thing are you most looking forward to in 2018?

Patty: Ah, so many things (I am the eternal optimist, often “accused” of wearing rose-colored glasses). I’ll start with the clich√©d getting in shape and getting caught up on projects. And I’m looking forward to seeing Roz in person. (Take that, Skype! You’re good, but you ain’t THAT good.)

Roz: I am itching for us to start writing No. 7 in The Val and Kit Mystery Series. I miss writing and working with Patty. We’ve kicked around a few ideas already, and hopefully we’ll be ready to begin soon.

What is the first book you plan to read in 2018?

Patty: This Is the Story of a HappyMarriage by Ann Patchett, one of my favorite authors. Described as a blend of literature and memoir, it was recommended (and loaned) to me by my daughter-in-law—so it has winner written all over it!

Roz:  Testimony by Scott Turow has been sitting on my coffee table for a month. Now that the holidays are over, I plan to crack it open.

Is there something you’d like to do better in 2018?

Patty: Everything! But I’ll try to focus more on what I have accomplished and remind myself that it’s good enough, instead of bemoaning what I haven’t done or done well enough (my rose-colored glasses should help with this).

Roz: I’d like to get better at marketing our books and take more advantage of social media. Once we start writing, I become so immersed that promoting our other books goes on the back burner (plus Patty is so much better at it than I am, so she bears the load).

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?

Patty: In addition to my busiest and favorite “jobs” of mom and grandma, I would choose perennial student or lawyer (at least I know I’d have fun going to law school!).

Roz: Ideally, something in the legal profession.

When you were young, what profession do you remember wanting to try?

Patty: I was always going to be a teacher and played school CONSTANTLY (when I wasn’t playing “house” with my dolls). I learned from my “students” (my three younger and very silly brothers) that I really didn’t have the patience to be a teacher. I was always sending them to the principal (my dad, who assured me I should learn to deal with my problem students in the classroom). I must have done something right, though, because those brothers turned out just fine!

Roz: I remember thinking that flight attendants had the best job in the world. It must have been the uniform, because as an older person I hate getting on an airplane. It’s my least favorite thing to do. Plus, it’s terrifying.

Roz and Patty: We hope that as you look back, and forward (especially forward), you see many blessings and a whole lotta fun! Happy 2018!

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