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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Top Ten Reasons to Read PALM DESERT KILLING (With Excerpts)

10. It’s set in California, Palm Desert to be exact.  If you’ve been there, you know what we mean; if you haven’t, you'll want to go.

This likely was not only the most beautiful garden in Los Angeles, but also the most beautiful spot, period. Which in the land of mountains, palm trees, and the Pacific Ocean, was saying something.

9. To see Val pick up where she left off with Detective Dennis Culotta.

I relived the whole scene yet again, a little ashamed of the tingle of excitement it gave me, considering the nasty circumstances.

8. To meet Kit’s sister, Nora.

Once the brilliant Nora Juckett removed her first mortarboard and was safely out of the state, the sisters assumed opposite lives.

7. To see how the California police stack up to the dishy detective from Illinois.

Standing guard outside was a man in blue, Palm Desert–style. (His Hawaiian shirt was fuchsia laced with large white tropical flowers, but his shoulder holster and gold badge proved he was a cop and not a hotel guest.)

6. To meet Kit’s mother.

“Beverly probably had one too many last night and just realized her daughter is seeing someone older than her.”

5. To join Val and Kit in their latest caper, as they unravel mystery upon mystery.

“The question is not just who he is, but where he is.”

4. To see what your luggage—and what you paid for it—says about you.

My brand-new neon-pink nylon suitcase rolled down the carousel upside down with a big black mark that looked suspiciously like a man’s footprint stamped on one side. It was followed by Kit’s two perfect Gucci bags in a classic gray-and-black tweed edged in leather. Somehow they stood upright and looked as if they were still on a showroom floor.

3. To learn trivia about Blue Man Group.

Two of the three founders struck up their friendship in junior high.

2. To learn whassup now with Val’s daughter, Emily.

“I—I mean we—have something to tell you, Mom. I’m so glad you called, although I really wish we could do it in person—”
“Well, you’re in luck then. You’ll never guess where I am.”

1. To learn the location of the next Val & Kit mystery. Find out what could possibly top California, Palm Desert to be exact.

“Kit and I are going there.”

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