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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Best Month of the Year (According to Roz)

I just checked my calendar and realized that February has only another full week left, so I’m reminded that our February blog has not yet hit the computer screen. Other bloggers may experience the same phenomenon: writing a blog each month is sometimes like that Seinfeld episode where they come up with a show about nothing. (Isn’t there a Seinfeld episode that can apply to anything in life?) In this case, what subject do we tackle?

In short, February’s blog is about February. As months go, I really like February. By far my favorite. It falls so nicely between that bloated January, where everyone is still on their holiday high, and March, with all its springtime nonsense and tax preparation.

February is such a compact month, short and sweet, and packed with all sorts of goodies, starting with Groundhog Day (which means nothing to those of us living in the South; but I did love the movie). Then we have Valentine’s Day, the sweetest day of the year, followed closely by Presidents’ Day, when there is always a good sale or two. Ash Wednesday is a unique time for those of us who imbibe, the Super Bowl is in there somewhere, and we round the month out with the Academy Awards. What other month offers so much?

Unfortunately, in Houston this year we have been a little short-changed in the wintry-weather department. Some Houstonians are happy with this state of affairs, but I like a few really cold days, and even a sprinkling of snow occasionally. But so far my Uggs have not seen the light of day. My sweet little hat/scarf/mittens combo is still waiting for a day cold enough to warrant dragging them out. And my ceiling fan remains on the warm-weather cycle. So far! Oh, I would like to extend my sympathies to the folks living on the East Coast. Patty, by the way, is wintering in Palm Desert, California, so she gets no sympathy from anyone (although it is a working vacay, as she researches for our Val & Kit Mystery No. 5, set in Palm Desert and as yet untitled; we look forward to an unveiling in the not-too-distant future).

Patty, researching with granddaughters Emma and Ella in SoCal
To all our readers, we hope you enjoy the remaining days of February. For you Northerners, the good news is, you’ve got only another week.

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