The Val & Kit Mystery Series

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Let’s say you find yourself slapdab in the middle of a murder/thriller/mystery. You need a piece of vital information to save yourself, the country, the planet. And let’s say your informant is an evil, reprehensible character known to travel with two Dobermans, Adolph and Ava, trained to rip out throats. Our dastardly informant agrees to meet you in a vacant warehouse at midnight, down by the docks. Oh, and you should come alone.

However, since you are the author of this plan to save the world, you don’t have to play by your informant’s rules. So the question is, who are you going to take with you?

Who’s the toughest, bravest, cleverest person you know?  Who’s handy with a weapon if needed? Who can outsmart our dangerous mole? And more importantly, who can follow the GPS instructions to actually find the docks—in the dark?

Well, since this is all make-believe, sort of, we can take anyone we like. Gibbs from NCIS springs to mind. He fits all the requirements, although he’s a little too quick to slap a person on the back of the head when he’s displeased. Monk is certainly smart enough, but we’re worried he’d be hampered by doggy doo-doo bags if Adolph and Ava get busy. The X-Men, who we understand are a team of mutant superheroes, probably would be a safe bet. And of course, any of the James Bonds would be okay, although we’d prefer Sean Connery because he’s always so tidy, even after a rumble.

But we’re going to settle on our friend Sarah. She’s more a super-grandma than a superhero. But she’s brave. She’s killed cockroaches the size of a polar bear, and she once wrestled a deranged cat (albeit wearing a beekeeper’s outfit at the time). She’s more than handy with a gun. At the shooting range, two government-type guys with gold badges on their belts said, “Nice shooting, ma’am.”  She’s supersmart; the paper she wrote titled “Rise to Globalism” earned an A (we won’t mention who she wrote it for). And she doesn’t need a dang GPS system; she can find any place, any time, even in the dark. Plus, she’s the biggest dog lover we know, so she’d have Adolph and Ava rolling over to have their bellies scratched in five minutes.

We’d feel safe with her anywhere. Who would you pick, and why?

Seriously. We want to know.

                           Sarah: a match for any Viking!                  

  Sarah with weapon at the ready.

Super Sarah taking aim.

Sarah, Roz and Patty


  1. …Ghost Busters! :)
    Wish I had a Sarah, but no. Would have to go with Matt Damon as Jason Bourne (anyone who can use a rolled up newspaper to successfully defend himself against a knife wielding hitman gets my vote)

  2. Thanks so much, Diane, for taking time to share your wise and witty answer (nothing better than wisdom accompanied by wit and vice versa!). We think you're on to something with your selection of Matt . . . :-)