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Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Happens in June, Stays in June (Just Ask Roz)

Is it really June? Did we skip any months? I can clearly remember eating a lot of chocolate in February around the 14th, and I definitely got a basket filled with more chocolate in March. But are we really halfway through the year already?

Well, before June rushes by completely, like the preceding months, let’s see what happened and what’s in store.

June 1
The month starts with local TV stations gently reminding us that this is the beginning of hurricane season along the Texas coast. So from now until November 30, I keep one ear on the meteorologists, hoping not to hear words like disturbance or rotation or the dreaded landfall. And I have good intentions. On the first of the month I start adding hurricane supplies to my grocery list. Usually, however, by the middle of July I have eaten and drunk most of my supplies.

June 6
I really want everyone to know that this day, D-Day, changed the course of history. Our world might be very different if Allied troops had not crossed the English Channel into France sixty-nine years ago and thereby brought about the beginning of the end of Hitler’s grip on the world.

June 14
This is Flag Day. But in my house, every day is Flag Day.

June 16
Father’s Day. My father passed away when I was in my thirties. He was from Scotland and was funny, kind and handsome. He loved Mickey Spillane novels and Frank Sinatra and watching boxing on the television. When I was little, he would take me to The Tower of London on Sunday mornings, where we mingled with tourists. When I think of him, I remember what a great dad he was. I was very lucky.

June 20
Betty Obermeier, Patty’s mother, celebrates her 92nd birthday. I am honored to say she thinks of me as the second daughter she never had among all those boys. She is not only one of the biggest fans of The Val & Kit Mystery Series, but also one of its best proofreaders. And her computer skills and Facebook savvy make me envious. She is a remarkable and inspiring lady, and I am blessed to have her in my life.

Roz and Betty

June 21
My calendar tells me that this is when summer officially begins. But did anyone tell Texas? Our temperatures reached the mid-nineties way ahead of this date, and let’s face it, any degree past that doesn’t really matter. Hot is hot.

June 1 – 30
June is traditionally a month for weddings. But I actually went to a wedding in May. My friend who is 67 and has been single for over 30 years married her 72-year-old boyfriend. It was as romantic as any twentysomething wedding I’ve ever attended.

Okay, July, bring it on. We’re ready. And this reminds me, I’ve got to get batteries.


  1. Thanks, Roz. When I had Patty, I thought I was the luckiest woman I knew. Little did I know she would be my only girl. Then you came along and I found another daughter. Of course a few daughters-in-law later I had 3 more. Anyway, I feel blessed. My fingers are so bad lately I hit the wrong keys. I guess I'll have to learn to hunt and peck! I love your sense of humor and way of putting words together. Love, Betty (mom)

    1. You make me feel like a million bucks, Betty! And hitting the wrong keys is nothing new to me. You should see some of my so-called texts! Love, Roz

  2. Yes, I remember eating that chocolate in February and since then it's all just been one big daze:D Lovely post, capturing the passing of time….

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Heidi! Nice to "meet" you! Hope you enjoy the rest of your June . . .