The Val & Kit Mystery Series

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our Characters: Fact or Fiction

We are constantly asked which one of you is Kit and which is Val?

Well (as Val would say), we always answer neither. Val and Kit are each an amalgam of good friends (Sarah and Lee to name just two); the women we would like to be; and okay, maybe just a touch of who we are.

We blog, in part, to let you know all four of us better, Val & Kit AND Roz and Patty! Here, a comment from Val about the mystery-solving twosome (and just a glimpse into the third book in The Val & Kit Mystery Series):

Kit is always an adventure, even if it’s only a five-hour drive to the next state. I see the bright sunshine and warm temperature as a plus. Kit sees the possibility of skin cancer. For the drive up to Door County from our Chicago suburb, I wear an old Cubs baseball cap I found in the back of my closet behind the sack of clothes I’ve been meaning to give to Goodwill for the past ten years. Kit wears a stunning wide-brimmed hat she bought at Saks for fifty bucks. She looks like a Vogue cover. I look like someone wearing an old baseball cap.

During the drive, my twentysomething daughter Emily listens to the Black Eyed Peas on her iPod. Kit reads The New York Times on her Kindle. And I’m tuned in to the Golden Oldies station, singing along with The Temptations.

A thought occurs to me. I should check out those Goodwill clothes . . .  they’ve probably come back in style.

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